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Workplace wellness

A Comprehensive Guide to Effective Workplace Wellness

A Wellness culture fosters the growth of its team members, fosters innovation, and fosters loyalty of employees who will go above and beyond for the organisation and take the company’s mission as their own. This course, presented by 11 leaders in their respective fields, will prepare you to implement effective workplace wellness programs in your companies and teams.

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Our vision is for a world in which every individual realises their true potential.

Since its inception, health professionals consistently rate highly their learning experience at Para Caribe. We have had the world’s leading professionals from a number of disciplines providing unique insight on developments in their respective fields and global health issues as they unfold. More and more our faculty has included disciplines from outside of the medical field, including law, business management, leadership, personal branding, and more. We live to learn, and Para Caribe is delighted to provide a platform that fosters intellectual exchange, inspiration and stimulates creativity.

Our team has found the appropriate technology to complement our unique learning environment, and we are continually assess and improve the experience. Content is provided in a variety of formats, including video, audio,
text, recorded and live interactions. We have also had a number of major symposia with a combination of local and regional experts and world-leading figures from the global stage.
We have a network of individuals who are passionate about the work that they do. Our collaboration has consistently produced interesting work, including
health guidelines, workplace policies, research, and addressing social disparities. We are so grateful to be a team that continues to attract like-minded individuals from across the world, providing an opportunity to expand our impact and to learn. We are lifelong learners. Join us!

What Our Students Have to Say

"Having recently attended the two-day symposium on Occupational Health & Workplace Wellness, I found the symposium insightful, thought-provoking and engaging. The symposium inspires awareness and an appetite for further learning about occupational health & workplace wellness which many companies either minimizes its importance or ignores it. The format was well thought and executed and the coordinator & host Dr. Yohann White was professional, actively involved and made the material accessible to all who attended. The coordinator and panel related their own experiences to the class to really bring their contribution to life. There was an ideal balance of learning and the opportunity to contribute to the discussions. As a safety officer attached to the health division, this symposium was invaluable as it afforded me a broad-based understanding of occupational health and workplace wellness, operating principles and practices that will be implemented in our HSSE Department."
Nathan N. Russell Sr.
Safety Officer – EMT, FF; BA

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